Properties of Graphite Sheets

Anyone who has used graphite plates knows that graphite plates have good properties such as good electrical conductivity, high temperature resistance, acid resistance, alkali corrosion resistance and easy processing. Therefore, it is widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, electrochemistry and other industries. Its various properties are described below.

1. Radiation resistance of graphite plate

Flexible graphite material has good radiation resistance, that is, under the condition of neutron flux 5.5×1021 flux (neutron number/cm2) (1000^) or/ray 9.1×10′°~1.5×10″ erg/g , there is no significant change. But with the same dose of persimmon fiber, the crystal water of asbestos molecules will be decomposed, turning asbestos into powder. If polytetrafluoroethylene is used, the total dose of 7 rays exceeds 5×103 roentgen. will deteriorate rapidly.

2. Graphite plate anisotropy

We all know that graphite belongs to the hexagonal crystal structure, and the carbon atomic spacing in its plane layer is significantly different from the carbon atomic spacing between the upper and lower layers (1.42A and 3.35A, respectively). There is obvious anisotropy in performance. Such as thermal conductivity, at 21T, the direction parallel to the layer is 118.8 cal/m•h and the thickness direction (perpendicular to the layer) is 4.32 cal/m•h•T. The electrical conductivity is 0.0007~0.001 ohm·cm in the direction parallel to the plane, and 0.35~0.5 ohm·cm in the thickness direction. The thermal expansion coefficient is -0.36×10’6-0.9×1(T6(21~22441C) in the direction parallel to the layer, and the thickness direction is 27×10″(21~2244t)o after becoming a graphite plate, its anisotropy is even greater.

3. Graphite plate density, compression and resilience

The obvious difference between flexible graphite and ordinary graphite is that it has good softness and recyclability. Density, compression and resilience are intrinsically linked. The relationship between density and specific pressure, as the specific pressure increases, the density also increases. When the density reaches 1.8 g/cm3 or more, the specific pressure increases, and the change in density is not large.

4. Corrosion resistance of graphite plate

The corrosion resistance of flexible graphite is excellent. It maintains good chemical stability to general chemical solvents, petroleum products, esters, steam, and other media.

Post time: Aug-12-2022