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Feiying Technology's 2022 New Products Successfully Launched!

On March 19, 2022, Feiying Technology 2022 new product launch conference was successfully held in Chengdu Xanadu Hotel. The new product launch and the opening of Feiying Technology Sichuan Branch were launched at the same time, forming a combination of new business model + new technology products, aiming to break the development dilemma of the commercial vehicle aftermarket in the era of change.

Du Mengzi, general manager of Feiying Technology, Xu Tongjie, marketing director, and the main leaders of Sichuan branch attended the conference. As a heavyweight conference in 2022, Feiying Technology is more open to the industry, customers and users, and sincerely invites distributors at all levels, well-known enterprises in the industry, media representatives, industry leaders, etc. to participate in the conference to witness the glorious moment of innovation achievements. .

The new product launch ceremony and product explanation were presided over by Marketing Director Xu. At the meeting, two new drum brake pads for automobiles under the Feiying brand, which were developed with great concentration for different customer needs, were released, namely the mid-to-high-end iteration product Green Dragon 2 and the entry-level product F1.


Green Dragon 2 - new carbon ceramic material green and environmental protection

At the press conference, Mr. Xu said that since the previous generation of green dragon drum brake pads has been on the market for more than ten years, it has brought users unforgettable use with its unique formula and technology, and its ultra-long wear-resistant performance. Experience, accumulation and harvest of a large number of fans, and establish a high-end brand image that has been difficult to shake in the commercial vehicle brake pad market for many years. The research and development of Green Dragon 2 is based on the excellent quality of the previous generation products, starting from the selection of raw materials, new material research and development, formula development, process transformation, etc., in terms of wear resistance, comfort, braking, noise, environmental protection, life and other aspects. Comprehensively improve product performance. We advocate "using technology to create a better life for human beings". The times are progressing and technology is updating. Feiying brand users should enjoy a user experience that matches the technology era.

Green Dragon 2 uses ceramic whiskers with better wear resistance to bond fibers, granular materials and self-developed ultra-high-content carbon materials. A new type of carbon-ceramic composite material is made with an original special process. It has the characteristics of low wear, high strength, high hardness, impact resistance, high temperature resistance, and small thermal expansion coefficient.

Reinforced aramid is an important ingredient in the Green Dragon 2 formula. This high-tech synthetic fiber has excellent properties such as ultra-high strength, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, light weight, etc. Its strength is 5 to 6 times that of steel wire, its modulus is 2 to 3 times that of steel wire or glass fiber, and its toughness is It is twice as heavy as the steel wire, and the weight is only about 1/5 of the steel wire. At a temperature of 560 degrees, it will not decompose or melt. It has good insulation and anti-aging properties, and the price is very expensive.


Through the upgrading and improvement of the formula, as well as efforts in the development of independent molds, the friction coefficient of the Green Dragon 2nd generation brake pads is more stable, and the friction coefficient fluctuation rate of the previous generation products is reduced by 15%, which improves the braking performance of the brake pads and effectively guarantees driving safety. . Green Dragon 2 brake pads have good mechanical strength and physical properties. Can withstand large pressure and shear force. The occurrence of breakage and chipping is greatly reduced during processing or use.

The new material technology of aramid and carbon ceramics used in the Green Dragon 2nd generation brake pads, with the blessing of intelligent manufacturing, reduces the impact of objective factors, greatly reduces product use loss, and enhances comfort. And the use of more environmentally friendly raw materials not only eliminates the use of polluting metal materials in the formula, but even some materials use food-grade materials. During the braking process, the occurrence of ash falling is reduced. It is more friendly to the environment and to the health of consumers.


F1 - high quality and good price, more competitive

In addition, for entry-level products with a broad market space, Feiying Technology tailor-made drum brake pads for F1 automobiles with high quality, high cost performance, and more competitiveness for the market, completely solving the problem of low-end brake pads. Market user pain points.

F1 adopts higher grade alkali-free glass fiber and mineral fiber, Feiying's unique formula and process, and automated production equipment. It has the advantages of good wear resistance, high strength, stable friction coefficient and high safety performance. Its introduction is perfect. With Feiying's product series, it is very cost-effective for vehicles on plains and hilly roads where the brake pad requirements are not so severe!

Feiying Technology's 2022 new product launch conference has been successfully concluded. But the upgrade of quality and service never stops. The preparations for the launch of new products of the brands Shujia, Ouxin, Furnesle, Kele, Huteng and Yida under Feiying Technology have been completed one after another.

The times are progressing and the quality is upgrading, but what remains unchanged is the eternal feelings that Feiying Technology and the vast number of consumers have jointly established in the past few times. Feiying Technology will continue and upgrade this feeling again in terms of quality and service, so as to live up to the trust and support of friends for many years!

Post time: May-06-2022