Brake pad material selection

The choice of brake pad material determines the service life of the brake pad. The common brake pad materials are as follows, each with its own advantages. Owners can choose according to their own needs:

1. Ceramic brake pads. Compared with traditional brake pads, there is no metal. After installing ceramic brake pads, there will be no abnormal friction sound during normal driving. At the same time, it has good wear resistance and high temperature resistance, good thermal stability, fast heat dissipation and high friction coefficient.

2. The semi-metal friction material is very suitable for household vehicles. It is characterized by good heat resistance, high power absorption per unit area, and high thermal conductivity.

3. Carbon fiber friction material, because of its high absorption power per unit area and very light specific gravity, is very suitable for the production of aircraft brake pads. At present, many high-end cars abroad will also use it. This kind of price is very expensive, so the scope of application is limited, and the output is also small.

Each brand of brake pads has its own characteristics and functions, and the most important thing is to see what type of car you use. Only by choosing the right brake pads can we bring better braking effect and reduce traffic accidents.

Post time: Aug-05-2022