Focus on the research and development of brake pads and clutch assemblies, optimize production and improve quality

 Founded in 1995, Feiying is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, production and sales of various domestic and imported medium and heavy-duty vehicle brake linings, automobile clutch driven disc assemblies and pressure plate assemblies. It is one of the well-known leading enterprises of friction materials in China, the executive director unit of China Friction and Sealing Materials Association, and the first drafting unit of the national standard for automobile drum brake pads. It has been rated as the top ten well-known brands in China’s auto parts industry for many years, the most popular brand in China’s commercial vehicle aftermarket, and the most influential brand in China’s commercial vehicle aftermarket.

Auto parts companies are a typical B2B business model, and are highly dependent on OEMs. Many traditional parts companies pay much more attention to technology, equipment, cost, and connections, etc. than the brand building of the company. There are very few companies that can truly have strong brand awareness in the three major business sectors of after-sales and export of mainframes, and most of them are monopolized by foreign or joint venture brands. As the entire Chinese market moves from the era of rapid growth to the era of stock competition, the homogeneity of products has become a common problem for enterprise growth, and highly-renowned brands occupy a differentiated advantage in the competition and gain a differentiated area in the competition. to obtain a brand premium.

—–A.T. Kearney 《The Brand Road of Auto Parts Enterprises》

A.T. Kearney is the world’s top consulting service organization, with deep insights into the parts industry of Chinese enterprises. Traditional enterprises “push” products and services to the market, while branded enterprises allow users to specify the brand when purchasing, thereby “pulling” the market. From the beginning of its birth, Feiying has put forward the enterprise spirit of “Phoebe is ordinary, heroic”, and does not take the ordinary path. Integrate branding into every step of growth.

Post time: Jun-22-2022