Casf Hangzhou West Lake Summit

Casf Hangzhou West Lake Summit ended successfully yesterday

With the theme of “value symbiosis, @future”, the conference will bring together industry elites from the industry chain of the automotive aftermarket to discuss industry upgrading and development.

Du Mengzi, the general manager of our company, gave a speech on “the opportunity for the manufacturing industry to realize self-reform during the epidemic crisis”. While achieving secondary growth after the epidemic, it will help the industry’s “supply chain”, “innovation chain”, “industry chain”, “new energy” and “digitalization” to be deeply integrated, so as to realize the symbiosis of corporate value and move forward with high quality. Under the epidemic, companies that can upgrade themselves and improve their immunity will resolve the crisis and become strong.
At the end of the event, our chairman Zhang Zhihua, together with many professionals in the industry, had an in-depth discussion on “How can companies respond to challenges to become more competitive under new variables”. Today, we are committed to building a digital supply chain for auto parts, integrating the upstream and downstream industries with Internet technology and big data intelligent platforms, opening up the full-link business flow, logistics, capital flow, and information flow of auto parts, simplifying sales levels, and creating community-based services Model, empower maintenance enterprises, serve car owners, comprehensively improve the operation efficiency of the supply chain, and create a new pattern of aftermarket services that integrates repair and repair.
At this conference, Huangshan Feiying Technology won the 2022 Casf Auto Parts Enterprise Outstanding Domestic Brand Award!
In this time of uncertainty, only companies that can continuously improve themselves and strengthen their immunity can turn crises into opportunities and become strong.

Post time: Aug-17-2022