Use and maintenance of brake discs Several scenarios for daily replacement of brake pads

       As one of the important parts of the vehicle, the brake pad is an important guarantee for the stable function of the braking system. As the mileage and service life of the vehicle increase, the brake pads may become thinner due to long-term wear, and the braking distance will gradually increase.
When the brakes have the following four conditions, you should replace the brake pads.


1. A piercing whistle sounded
When the vehicle is braking, if you hear a harsh metal friction sound, you should pay special attention. It is most likely that the alarm iron plate on the brake pad has begun to wear the brake disc.
At this time, it is necessary to go to a professional maintenance agency for inspection and replacement as soon as possible.


2. Insufficient when braking
After the brake pads are severely worn, the braking distance tends to become longer, and the braking effect in the first half of the journey will be significantly weakened.
At this time, the driver will obviously feel that the brake pedal becomes lighter and softer, and it needs to be pressed deeper to achieve the previous braking effect. At this time, the brake pads should be replaced as soon as possible.

3. The driving route deviates when braking
If everything is normal when the car is driving, but there is a deviation phenomenon when the heavy brake is applied, it is often due to poor braking on one side of the wheel. It may be that the brake pads are close to the wear limit and need to be replaced as soon as possible.


4. The brake oil is reduced and the brake fault light is on
When the brake pads are worn more, the gap between the disc and the pad becomes larger. When the gap is automatically adjusted, the wheel cylinder will open up. At this time, the wheel pump needs to be supplemented with brake oil. Then, the oil pot brake oil will inevitably decrease.If there is oil leakage from the brake wheel cylinder, after contaminating the brake pads, immerse the brake pads and polish them with emery cloth, but still find oil stains. At this time, no matter how thick they are, they must be replaced.

Post time: Jun-17-2022