Grasp user needs, brand starts with innovation

In 1995, in the midst of the storm, Feiying emerged as a private enterprise in the tide of reform. A group of young friction material practitioners got together because of a common dream, relying on meager start-up capital and difficult environmental conditions to start a business with difficulty. Feiying, which naturally has competitive genes, firmly grasps the new opportunities of reform and opening up, gives full play to its advantages such as efficient management, flexible mechanism, and decisive decision-making, and adheres to the principle of market research as the basis, formula research and development as the core, and product quality as the bottom line. A firm foothold in the friction material industry market competition. And named this product Green Dragon.
Because Feiying firmly grasped the needs of users, Green Dragon products were highly praised by users as soon as they entered the market, and they became popular all over the country. Since the launch of the green dragon drum brake pad for more than ten years, it has brought consumers an unforgettable experience with its unique formula and craftsmanship and long-term wear-resistant performance, and has accumulated and gained a large number of loyal fans. , to establish a high-end brand image that has been difficult to shake in the commercial vehicle brake pad market for many years. Up to now, the cumulative sales volume of Feiying Green Dragon series brake pads has exceeded 100 million. If these brake pads are connected back and forth, they are long enough to circle the earth 50 times.
For a long time, my country’s friction material products are mainly imported from abroad, from materials to technologies, and most of the production is processed by incoming materials and samples. There are very few enterprises that truly master the core technology and conduct independent research and development. Since the reform and opening up, my country has begun to independently develop and produce friction materials on a large scale, but no major breakthrough has been made in material innovation and technological innovation.
Based on long-term market research and judgment on industry trends, Feiying clearly realizes that material research and development and product innovation have come to an urgent point. Facts have shown that from the birth of the first brake pad using cotton thread as a reinforcing fiber, to asbestos brake pads, semi-metal friction materials, and then to NAO friction materials, high-performance carbon fiber friction materials. Every major breakthrough in the friction material industry is accompanied by the development and application of new materials.
Feiying believes that the research and development of new materials requires the cooperation of enterprises, universities and related scientific research units to quickly and effectively transform scientific research results into productivity and improve the competitiveness of the industry. Feiying has successively established a new model of industry-university-research cooperation and joint research with Zhejiang University, Huangshan University, Xianyang Non-metallic Mineral Research and Design Institute and many other institutions of higher learning and academies of sciences. Team, set up a patent technology research and development team, at the same time, with an annual 10% incremental investment to ensure the scientific research funds of the product, and complete the laboratory test equipment. After continuous exploration and overcoming difficulties, Feiying has sharpened his sword for ten years. In 2008, he creatively developed an environmentally friendly friction plate for the first time. It has become the first domestic manufacturer of new materials, and has gradually been widely promoted throughout the country. Feiying is keen and focused on the development and application of new materials, new processes and new products, and has always combined the in-depth development of automotive friction material products with the extensive application of new materials, and has successfully independently developed more than 20 kinds of brake pad friction material formulations. In the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, Feiying has also won a number of utility model patents, invention patents and software copyrights.
Innovation is not the end of the brand, but the starting point of the brand every moment.

Post time: Jul-15-2022