Adversity new track toughpro foreign trade cloud live broadcast

In the golden autumn of October, the 132nd Canton Fair will come as promised.
The China Import and Export Fair, referred to as the Canton Fair for short, has been held twice a year since its inception in 1957, and has gone through 66 springs and autumns. It is the exhibition with the longest history, the largest scale and the largest number of foreign buyers in China. Known as the “barometer” of foreign trade. Many Chinese foreign trade export enterprises have gradually opened up foreign markets through the Canton Fair platform, and their scales have continued to expand and have achieved great development.
Due to the epidemic, it is difficult for foreign buyers to enter China. The Canton Fair can only be held online. Display the company’s products, manufacturing and services online. The Toughpro and British foreign trade departments attach great importance to the Canton Fair. On the one hand, due to the impact of the epidemic on the traditional foreign trade business, it is impossible to expand business and develop customers by participating in exhibitions in various places. On the other hand, global foreign trade e-commerce has developed rapidly during the epidemic. If we can seize the development opportunity of this era and continuously improve new ways for enterprises to develop foreign trade in the Internet era, we can break through the bottleneck of business development and gain new momentum for development. .

This is the first time that Toughpro has tried to introduce a company in an all-round way in the form of live broadcast. In order to make the first live broadcast a success, the foreign trade department has made careful preparations and planning. Procurement of live broadcast equipment, planning of live broadcast content and copywriting, and repeated rehearsals in advance. All departments of the company have given strong support to the new form of foreign trade live broadcast. In order to show Toughpro selection of raw materials and strict quality control of brake pads to customers through live broadcast, Mr. Zhu of Feiying Research Institute conducted detailed training on the laboratory’s testing and testing equipment to allow foreign trade The business personnel have a better understanding of the professional knowledge of brake pads.

In the live event, we made a comprehensive introduction to Toughpro creation history, corporate values and culture, diversified formulas and full range of products, and the concept of serving customers. As the most professional manufacturer of commercial vehicle brake pads in China, Toughpro not only has unique and diversified formulas to meet the needs of different customers, the most advanced domestic manufacturing and testing equipment, a number of international certifications, but also our continuous pursuit of excellence to provide customers with The belief in providing value and exceeding customer expectations.

The epidemic has posed a great challenge to the traditional import and export trade economy, while opportunities come from breakthroughs and innovations. Only by constantly trying and having the courage to challenge can we overcome difficulties and go up against the wind.

Post time: Nov-16-2022