What to pay attention to when maintaining the brakes



What to pay attention to when maintaining the brakes:

Before we talk about how to maintain your brakes, let’s talk about the components of a brake system. They are composed of brake disc (brake drum), brake pad (brake shoe), brake caliper, brake pump, oil pipe and brake fluid. If the brake system is not modified, the brake calipers, oil pipes and brake pumps will not be involved in routine maintenance. In the maintenance process, we should pay special attention to the brake discs (brake drums), brake pads (brake shoes) and brake oil that are prone to wear during use.

First of all, under the friction between the brake caliper and the brake pad, the brake disc (brake drum) will form grooves of different depths. When the groove reaches a certain depth, the braking force will decrease, and the dirt in the groove will also be reduced. Extend the braking distance, so when we maintain the brake discs (brake drums), we need to check their wear and tear, and if the wear is serious, we need to replace the new brake discs (brake drums).

The brake pads that rub directly against the brake disc are often subjected to high temperature and wear out faster than the brake disc. The thickness of the new brake pads is about 1 cm. If the brake pads of the car are less than half worn, there is no need to replace them. If the wear reaches two-thirds, we recommend replacing the new brake pads.

Brake fluid is like our blood, without it the brake system cannot function properly. Brake fluid works optimally when it is free from water and third-party components. If the brake fluid is dissolved in water or the oil pipe contains air, the braking distance will be extended.

In the process of maintaining the brake, we should pay attention to the correct steps when disassembling and installing the brake system, and tighten it strictly according to the torque calibrated by the screw, otherwise it may cause unnecessary trouble. Of course, as the core components of friction, the brake disc (brake drum) and brake pads (brake shoes) cannot use lubricants, otherwise there is the possibility of brake failure. In addition, when replacing the brake fluid, it is necessary to ensure that the residual air in the oil pipe is discharged to avoid affecting the normal use of the brake system.


Post time: Jul-28-2022