Feiying Technology successfully passed the first factory supervision and inspection of 3C certification

On June 18-19, 2021, the CCC Compulsory Certification Audit Team of Xianyang Company of China National Inspection and Quarantine Group came to Feiying Technology for the first factory supervision and inspection. Feiying Technology was the first batch of CCC compulsory certification certified by Xianyang Company of China Inspection Group.

The audit team carefully checked the company's product packaging and packaging information, including the correct style of the CCC logo, certification unit information and the packaging requirements of the national standard GB 5763-2018.

The audit team is based on CNCA-C11-20:2020 "Compulsory Product Certification Implementation Rules-Automotive Brake Linings" and CTC/TC-OPO3 "Compulsory Product Certification Implementation Rules-Automotive Brake Linings" and Annex 2 "Production Consistent" The first annual on-site supervision and audit conducted according to the standards of "Quality Requirements" and Appendix 1 "Factory Quality Assurance Capability Requirements". A comprehensive evaluation was made on the operation of the system in each department of the company over the past year by communicating with relevant post personnel, checking documents and records, and on-site inspection. According to the company's quality control system, review the information and documents related to CCC certification, check the actual production records at the production site, carefully check the process information, make clear requirements for the correct use of the CCC logo, and express the recognition of the CCC logo printed by the company.


Post time: May-06-2022